T Brace System


Basic Setup
Creek or Gully Fencing
Design of Brackets
How To Brace a Corner
Cross Pasture Fence
Brace for a Big Gate

It takes two braces, $24.95 each to brace a corner

It takes two braces, $24.95 each to brace a gate

It takes two braces, $24.95 each to change direction in a line fence

Patented Adjustable Braces

and introduction to

"The T-Brace System"


Fence through Gullies, Woods and Marshland, up and down Hills, around Ponds and Springs. 

Fence in your Garden, Pony, Steers, or Goats. 

All without heavy equipment, concrete footings and tamping.

strong corner.png

*T-Braces are sturdy galvanized adjustable steel.

T-Brace is an adjustable brace to use with standard T-posts. With our braces, (Patented), one person can complete a fence, for animals or garden. Braces snap onto T-posts without tools or other parts to brace straight runs and corners for stretching any wire. The System is designed to eliminate wooden posts and wood bracing. Unique feature is to brace T-posts in gullies and ditches so they will not pull out of ground when wire is stretched. One person can fence pastures, gardens, around ponds, through woods, up and down hills, without heavy equipment, augers, and concrete footings. Braces are made of heavy galvanized steel and are adjustable.

Use a hammer to tap the pin down the “T” portion of the T-Post, thus drawing the fork of the brace toward the post and between the knobs on post.

The pin can be used whether the brace is flipped up or over - see above

This may be done when double bracing an 8 or 10 foot T-Post, or any time the wide fork needs converting. See two pics below.

Pins are generally sold when braces are ordered.

Cost per pin: $2.25

A pin that converts the wide fork of the T-Brace to a narrow fork.



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