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The Lumber Bracket, Pat. Pending.

Holds standard lumber up to carry roof and to attach siding if needed.


Lumber Bracket

Made with galvanized steel.

Slides onto post, tilts and locks.

Side view of bracket hanging from T-post

Lumber holding roof on top (2x4s or 2x6s), 

along with horizontal 2x4s near bottom, is ready

to receive vertical boards or panel siding.------->

By using standard metal T-posts with our Lumber Brackets, Pat. Pending. one can build shed roofs over firewood, mowers and other outdoor equipment.  Also construct hunting blinds, dog or goat sheds.

Also, two rows of horizontal 2x4s can hold any wooden picket or board fence.


This shed roof, 4 feet by 16 feet, is held up with six, 7’ tall T-posts and our Lumber Brackets. It is ready to receive board siding on three sides.

$2.95 each

Shipped via Priority Mail

Same shipping cost for any quantity

Description in Patent Application

Finished 4x16 wood shed. It took 11 brackets to hold up roof and cover three sides with siding.

24' x 24' Tractor & Equipment Shed


Large tractor and equipment shed built with 10 feet tall T-Posts, Lumber Brackets and Fence Brackets, only.

No building permit. Considered temporary structure in most States.

Used pressure treated fencing boards and old decking for siding. No nails in the entire project.


Lumber butted

on straight run

Right angle corner on top of T-post

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