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No Deer or Varmints

Deer Flag Clips Pat. Pend.

Deer flags are designed to cling to a

T-post. When attached they will not

slip down or up the post.  Tongue is

manually bent to the cove of T-post.

A strong 1/2” PVC pipe is slipped

over the tongue.  The pipe's notch is

up and holds the string with flags a

good foot above the T-posts.


Clips are reversible for either side of post.

Galvanized Steel.

Full view of application

Deer Clip Installation Video

Tie knot in string, make lasso, tighten under knob, up and over pipe.

In case of a swag in fence row, use hole in the notched end of pipe to insert nail (supplied) to hold down string in notch.

Clip locked onto post. 

Note: Points - 1 and 2 are locked onto wing of post.

Point 3 - Clip rests above knob on post.

After string is strung, tie ribbons, about every two feet, unto string.

Grab ribbon very close to knot and

pull tight; to the point of breaking.

Flags over garden gate.

Flags every twenty feet

Box comes with 10 pipe extensions, 10 Deer Clips, One spool of Nylon cord, one roll of fluorescent flags.

Pre-bend our Clips, reversible - see Video

$2.85 each


Deer Flag Kit
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