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Wire Clips

The Wire Clips are made of galvanized steel.

They will HOLD UP goat fencing on a T-post over a hump in the terrain.

The reversible Clips will also HOLD DOWN the fence as it travels across a swag in the terrain. 

Each Clip comes with a support bar to distribute the pull.

Reversible Wire Clip, Galvanized steel.

One support bar with each Clip.  Shown flat, and bent, ready to use.

Sheep or Goat Fence

Support bar is especially critical because it holds fence up or down by two vertical wires of sheep or goat fence.

The fence does not always have a vertical fence strand to clip onto post with a standard barbed wire clip.

Since the clip rests on a knob the fence will not slide down or pull up in a gully. 

Support Clip will span entire opening of a sheep or goat fence.

Points 1 and 2 hug T-post wing. Point 3 rests above knob holding the fence up. Point 4 grips support bar and distributes pull to two vertical fence strands.  5. Methods can be reversed to hold down the fence in a swag.

Clip holding up a sheep or goat fence.

Clip holding down a sheep or goat fence.  NOTE, the help of the support bar on this wide gap fence.

Basic Clip and Support Bar to hold woven fencing.

$4.92 per set

Same shipping cost for any quantity

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