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Customer Hinge Pin Testimonials

I have finished putting up my fence and gate using your braces and gate hinge pins. Your inventions made the whole job so much easier. I only braced the corner where the gate is, but I think I can add additional braces if I find they are needed. I can now confirm that you're a genius.


John L

Hello Franz, 
I just wanted to say how much of a life changer your brackets are to me.  I’ve purchased gate brackets a few times for my small turkey/goat farm and, man, do they do a good job!  If there is any place or if you want to post a testimonial from me let me know and I will write it. I safely and securely contain my goat bucks and does with gates hung on your t-post bracket hangers.  Anyway, thanks for the great product and service.  I am over-the-moon impressed! 

Brian M.

Thank you so much for this product! We installed several gates yesterday and I can't believe how easy and effective these pins made putting these gates into operation. LOVE this product !!


Sue W.

I installed a 6' x 6' chain link gate and I'm really impressed. The steel is far thicker and sturdier than I expected. It should hold up to the high winds I get in my area. I installed the gate by myself and it was very easy to do. Make sure you read the instructions before pounding in the TPosts for the supports. They don't go in the ground in the same orientation as the other posts. In my application, the supporting post couldn't stand alone in supporting the gate. But, since my gate was already installed, I took advantage of another post to anchor/align the gate support post. All in all, about an hour to install the two posts and mount the gate, with two gate latches.
The gate has a great range of motion also. In my application, I can use it at 90 and 180 degrees.
I'd buy it again without hesitation.

AngelOnTheSideline - Amazon Customer

I have multiple gates hanging with wire, chains, zip ties, baling twine off t-posts. Always a pain, never work, but too expensive to install (need to hire) "real" gate posts. THIS LITTLE HINGE FOR T-POSTS WORKS. I PURCHASED ONE TO TEST... HAVE ORDERED 6 MORE... LOVE THEM. quick, easy … only one issue... make sure the top of your t-post is not bent... one was.. so now that gate opens from the right instead of the left!!!

Amazon Customer

These hinges are great! We had to build a quick fence to keep our dog away from the pool and these hinges made hanging the gate a breeze, it could not have been any easier, thank you so much!

Amazon Customer

I found your product on and purchased 3 sets there. I haven't received them yet, but this is EXACTLY what I have been searching for! I have checked online stores and my local farm and ranch stores, but none of them had anything remotely close to this! THANK YOU and I will make sure to leave feedback once my package arrives!

Denise C.

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