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A free standing Assist Bar to help you get up from a squatting or sitting position.

The Up-EZTM is a push-up bar that provides assistance to the elderly by helping one get up from a sitting, squatting, or kneeling position due to weak or bad knees. The Up-EZTM is strong, lightweight and portable.  The Up-EZTM can be stored nicely between the toilet and vanity - or it can be carried to any chair or couch in the house.  It can easily be brought outside to the garden for help in getting up or down while planting flowers or plants.  The Up-EZTM is made of strong PVC pipe, white in color. The legs can be turned so the unit can be stored flat.

Up-EZTM $45.95

Very minimal assembly required

Strong enough to hold a 200lb man.

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