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Assistance for the elderly

How to get out of a chair with Up-EZTM

A Stand Assist Bar to help you get up from a squatting or sitting position.

If you are elderly or have bad knees, Up-EZTM will assist you

when you need to stand up from a seated position.

It is lightweight and portable so you can use it everywhere you go.

The Up-EZTM stand assist bar is made of strong PVC. It is light weight and can be carried from the bathroom to any chair, sofa or bench in or outside the house. Real handy to help get up when planting in the garden or flower bed.  Short legs can be turned for easy storage.  Assistance for the elderly is available with Up-Ez.

Up-EZTM $45.95

Very minimal assembly required

Strong enough to hold a 200lb man.

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