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Fence Brackets

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Photo shows updated Fence Bracket

Build a wood board fence. No expensive wooden posts.

MADE IN AMERICA Pat.Pend. - strong galvanized steel.

Brackets hold mounting lumber opposite knobs on T-Post, thus using spade on T-Post to help with wind resistance.

Use with T-post Lumber Brackets to build sheds, coops, barns, pens etc. Can be doubled up to hold any size standard lumber.

Cost: $2.85 each Shipping Priority Mail $8.95 any quantity

The Fence Brackets will hold the mounting lumber opposite the knobs on the T-post, utilizing the spade on one end of the post to help with wind resistance. Made with galvanized steel, designed to hold 2x4” to 2x12” lumber. All brackets can be doubled up.

Our Lumber Brackets, mount at a right angle to the Fence Brackets onto a standard T- post, can be doubled up, and are reversible.

A strong, galvanized, bracket that slides and locks unto a standard metal T-post to hold a wooden fence.

Build a fence that matches the contour of your yard. Very easy. Pound in your posts, hang 2x4s to hold the boards and screw them on.

Keep your dog in the back yard. - Keep varmints crawling under you fence. - Hide the ugly trashcan, gas bottle, and AC unit.

Boards are sold by major retailers.

Shipped via Priority Mail

Shipping $8.95 for up to 100 units

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